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North Kohala

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Description: North Kohala is a land of contrasts rich in its living Hawaiian heritage. Rugged coastlines with ancient temples give way to verdant grass lands where sugar was once king and modern-day cowboys still ride the range. It’s the homeland of King Kamehameha the Great and a place where one can still hear the whisper of ancient gods on the cool ocean winds. Beautiful scenery, virgin landscapes, a climate that ranges from deserts to rain forests, all with the slow pace of old Hawaiʻi gives North Kohala the character that so many love.

Activities: With a long coastline, fishing, paddling and water sports, North Kohala is an equestrian paradise with many outfits that specialize in all levels of horseback riding tours. The Kohala Ranch community incorporates a riding trail as part of its up country lifestyle. Natural beauty abounds in North Kohala, Ziplines are popular and there are many hiking trails across the pristine hills and countryside – a trek down to Pololu Valley is a must!

Heritage: North Kohala is steeped in Hawaiian heritage from the birthplace of King Kamehameha, to the ancient heiaus (Hawaiian temples) at Pu’ukohola and Moʻokini, and to the statue of the Great King that watches over the city of Kapaʻau. King Kamehameha’s warriors trained and fought over the mountains and valleys of Kohala, the same lands that would foster great sugar plantations and world-renown cattle ranches. Kings, Queens, Hawaiian warriors, sugar barons and cowboys have all left their mark on North Kohala and the pride and majesty of their spirit remains the central character of this land.

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